What Are Medi-Facials?

Medi-Facial:  a corrective skin care treatment featuring the latest in esthetic technology.  Medi-Facials are customized to your skin care concerns, and are effective for the following concerns:

Signs of Aging

Our Medi-Facials help treat the signs of aging including collagen loss, fine lines, sun spots, dry skin!

Pigment/Sun Damage

Our Medi-Facial treatments are an effective way to reduce sun damage and uneven skin tone.  Smoother and brighter skin!

Monthly Maintenance

You know the importance of regular facial treatments and self-care!  Our Medi-Facials are customizable for all ages and stages.

Medi-Facial Services

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Hydra-Boost Medi-Facial - $115

We know what your skin needs!  Erase fine lines and hydrate your skin from within with the newest in nano-technology!

Includes red light therapy or hydrating mask.

Lift & Tone Medi-Facial - $115

Give your skin a workout!  The Lift & Tone Medi-Facial smoothes fine lines, tones facial muscles, and infuses hydration!

Recommended bi-weekly for long lasting effects!

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Peel & Glow Medi-Facial - $115

Combines red L.E.D light therapy with our miracle-in-a-jar blended TCA peel!  Expect little to no downtime, while this light peel solution fights fine lines and lightens sun spots!

Tip: Alternate this Medi-Facial every 2 weeks with the Rezenerate or Lift & Tone for best results!

The Taylor'd Facial - $115

A "Taylor'd" to you blend of gentle enzyme or lactic exfoliation with peptide serum cocktail and hydrating mask or LED Light!

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