An Acne Program That Gives Results

Ready to get clear and healthy skin?  We can't wait to help!

You might still have questions about how it all works, and that's OK!  We promise all of your questions will be answered at your 90-minute Acne Program Consultation and Treatment.

Here's an overview of the process:

  • Reserve an Acne Program Consult and Treatment ($125)
  • Join Acne Program (at consult) and purchase the required home care
  • Receive your Acne Treatments as directed (generally bi-weekly)
  • Use your home care as directed (morning and night)
  • When will my skin be clear? If you've followed all recommendations, that can be as soon as 90 days from Consultation!

Results: Your Commitment Required

Our Acne Specialists will give you all the tools you need and will guide you along the way, providing the best treatments and recommendations for your acne type.  BUT- we can't do it all for you.  After all, you see your skin everyday!

We can promise that every client who has been dedicated to the process has gotten clear and healthy skin!

Home Care

Your Acne Specialist will customize your home care regimen during your Consultation.

For most acne sufferers, this will include a twice daily regimen:

  • Cleanser, Toner, AM & PM acne serum, Moisturizer and Sun Protection
  • Average Cost for first set of products is about $150
  • Products must be refilled as needed
  • You cannot get results without following our home care guidelines.


Your follow up appointments will be booked every 2 weeks.

It generally takes 6-8 treatments (or 3-6 months) but you will begin to see positive changes by about the 3rd treatment.

Treatments will include a deep cleanse with Ultrasonic, light chemical peel with extractions, and blue light therapy.

Treatments - $85

The Acne Program Consultation

Your Consultation is a thorough discussion of how our Program works, what is required of you, and what we can do for your specific skin type and concern.  Please allow 90 minutes (request additional time if you would like a make-up consultation).

Your consultation will include the following:

  • Review of your acne history
  • Discussion of diet, home care, and lifestyle issues that can contribute to breakouts
  • Serum Sensitivity test to determine correct level of treatment strength
  • Photos of your skin to track your progress
  • Acne Treatment with extractions
  • Review Acne Program Treatment Plan and expectations

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Next Steps...

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